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Building a brand has been something that my dad has dreamt of always, I remember  being a kid he always talked about building a business and listing to him it  became my dream also to  have a business uncertain at a young age what business to do and how it works it was dream i held always.

Growing up with a science background I never thought I would end up here  but it was fashion that always had my heart so after my 12th I thought of giving my heart an opportunity and got a degree in designing it was certainly a journey of ups and downs but worth the hassle after my degree I got little uncertain how I will move ahead with my dreams in my heart I knew it had to be business but the i felt i wasn't ready for it  so I tried for job for a while but 9-5pm wasn't my cup of tea though I loved getting a new experience but it wasn't something I enjoyed or got happiness doing it, so after trying my hands of two jobs getting a lot of experience I finally decided that maybe it was all the way business that was for me and more then trying somewhere else it was something I always had by my side but I was just afraid to step a foot in it so here is our journey how this beautiful brand came into existence.

JAIPUR HAND BLOCK started with the mission to provide most authentic and pure fabrics to our customers in India. This idea originated some 3 years back. When during my Fashion Designing studies I tried to search for authentic Hand Block Print fabrics. To my surprise it’s really very difficult to find the pure Hand Block Printed fabrics. And it was even more difficult to find Apparels made in pure cotton and other pure fabrics using the art of Hand Block Print which come in natural dye colours. 

I also bought many Hand Block Print apparels online but returned them, as almost many of them were selling chemical dye based screen print fabrics. At that time I thought of bringing the best of Authentic Hand Block Prints in natural pure fabrics.

We started this journey during Corona in late 2020. It's been a long journey since then. First we thought of buying ready print fabrics. But soon learnt that, if we need something pure and authentic we have to get every step done under our control. We started with purchasing Grey Fabrics from good suppliers. The next even more tedious task was to get these fabrics printed. It took us almost 3-4 months to choose and finalise our hand block printers. Since then, we are on the path of our new journey which includes our experiences, learning process and moreover a satisfaction that we are providing our customers with what we promised.

The same challenges we faced in getting these fabrics stitched to quality and perfection. So finally, we setup our own stitching department. Facing many other challenges including finances but our journey continues….  As our only motto is to bring the best of Pure Authentic Hand Block print Fabrics and Apparels to you… !!

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