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Jaipur Hand Block

Black Angrakha cotton co-ord set

Black Angrakha cotton co-ord set

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JAIPUR HAND BLOCK is a premium Brand catering to Authentic Hand print fabrics and apparels made using pure fabrics as mentioned in listings. This Angrakha Style Sleeveless is one of our most in demand product. Stylish and elegant. Perfect for your casual and formal wear. Combination of modern and ethnic. Closed from front with ANGRAKHA STYLE LOOK. Available with Pants of matching color.

  • Beautiful Stylish PURE COTTON PLAIN ANGRAKHA DESIGN Kurta (Note this is only design of Angakha, it does not opens from side). Available with matching PANT. One Pocket in Kurta.
  • Cotton Kurta With Pants The breathability and softness of the fabric make this outfit great for both work and special occasions. The KNEE-length kurta features ANGRAKHA STYLE NECK and SLEEVELESS to complete your stylish and sophisticated look.
  • Models are Size XS and XL. Please choose garment size that is two inches more than your body measurement e.g.:- For Actual Bust size -36, Select garment size-38''(M) or check your actual garment you are wearing. If size of garment you wear is 36 then choose our “S” size.
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